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Are you thinking about getting married abroad? Spain is the perfect location to celebrate your dream wedding with your loved ones. At Panateneas our Event Planners specialize in destination weddings in the Spanish Basque Country, which is a totally different option from the more classical ones, such as Ibiza, Barcelona or Marbella. The Basque Country offers you and your guests everything you are looking for to make your wedding an unforgettable experience. In this corner of the Iberian Peninsula you will find a landscape of green valleys with its typical country houses, impressive mountains, unique coasts and beautiful beaches. Not only the surroundings, but also its excellent cuisine and famous wine culture make this region so special. In its most well-known cities San Sebastián and Bilbao you can enjoy the beauty of the Concha Bay or visit the best art exhibitions in the Guggenheim Museum.

Besides the usual wedding related tasks (organization and design of the event), our service as Wedding Planners includes coordinating the accommodation of the guests, making them feel at home, and planning a variety of possible activities throughout the region. We can arrange a visit to the wine cellars or caves in La Guardia near Haro, a tour through the old city center of San Sebastián to taste the best pintxos, sightseeing excursions by boat along the river Nervion or the Cantabrian and Basque coastline with beautiful views on picture perfect cities or villages like Santander, Bakio, Mundaka, Getaria, Zarautz and Biarritz. And what do you think of being a mendizale for one day, a typical Basque mountaineer, exploring our natural parks, such as Gorbea, Urkiola and Urbasa?

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