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Robert’s style is unique for it is derived not by him but by the Couple’s own story which is unfolding on their wedding day. He strives to have his images reflect a great wedding, not being restrained by photo journalistic or traditional rules. He accomplishes this through his long experience working for international commercial and magazine clients such as Cosmopolitan. He is stylistically broad photographing a wedding in Mexico one day, and returning to NYC the next for an album cover shoot. Robert created his own style, what he coined “artistic reportage” a blending of art and photojournalism., capturing the intimate moments yet unaware of his presence. He has traveled extensively photographing celebrities such as WPIX's Toni Senegal, Clinton Kelly from “What Not to Wear” and others he cannot say.


: Mr. Robert London
: 212-929-8595


508 West 26 Street, 10001, New York, United States


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