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Every night I go over what I did in the day in ethical or moral terms. Have I treated people properly? Did I tell the truth?

To become properly acquainted with a truth we must first have disbelieved it and disputed against it.

With the help of modern technology I can compose intricate keyboard parts and then I have to go back and learn them in order to perform them properly.

Running gave me a focus to start looking after myself to eat properly and focus on building up my strength.

Science is properly more scrupulous than dogma. Dogma gives a charter to mistake but the very breath of science is a contest with mistake and must keep the conscience alive.

I love surprises - champagne and strawberries all that pampering romantic stuff. Guys ought to know how to pamper their women properly.

If Milosevic is to be tried he has to be tried by a proper court an impartial properly constituted court which has international respect.

All human laws are properly speaking only declaratory they have no power over the substance of original justice.

I have a big problem with piped music. I like either silence or to listen to it properly.

Every so often I feel I should graduate to classical music properly. But the truth is I'm more likely to listen to rock music.

Four hours of prosthetics every morning the jowls and the nose and it was very hot so they're having to attend to it all day and you're still petrified of so many things such as can I speak properly? Hitchcock never quite lost those East End vowels even though he had the softened California consonants.

The art of medicine was to be properly learned only from its practice and its exercise.

Marriage is like wine. It is not be properly judged until the second glass.

When the Senate ceases to engage nominees in meaningful discussion of legal issues the confirmation process takes on an air of vacuity and farce and the Senate becomes incapable of either properly evaluating nominees or appropriately educating the public.

Though every legal task demands this skill it is especially important in the effort to frame public policy in a way that is properly responsive to human needs and predicaments. The question is always: How will the general rule work in practice?

Someone taught me how to eat properly. Learning from others is important when it's not working for yourself.

I have spent a lifetime watching kids make mistakes because they were not trained or well led or properly motivated to do well. I never faulted the kids rather I saw opportunity to train to motivate to improve leadership - not to punish the individual.

The United States is the most innovative country in the world. But our leadership could slip away if we fail to properly fund primary secondary and higher education.

I love the Beatles. I haven't named any kids after them but I still really love them. They were the first group that I was ever properly aware of. In my early teens I would sometimes stay in and listen to the radio all day in the hope that I would catch a song by them that I'd never heard before and be able to tape it on my radio-cassette player.

Man is properly speaking based upon hope he has no other possession but hope this world of his is emphatically the place of hope.

Philosophy is properly home-sickness the wish to be everywhere at home.

Newspapers are the second hand of history. This hand however is usually not only of inferior metal to the other hands it also seldom works properly.

I really believe the only way to stay healthy is to eat properly get your rest and exercise. If you don't exercise and do the other two I still don't think it's going to help you that much.

Using these unnamed sources if done properly carefully and fairly provides more accountability in government.