0 Getting married in Denmark

Civil Ceremony in Denmark 
Certain criteria has to be met for a civil marriage in Denmark: each partner must be of age or 18 years of age and there must be a witness present.


Since 2012, same-sex couples in Denmark are legally allowed to marriage, as are bi-national and foreign couples. The process can be very fast and involve little bureauracy unbureaucratic, so those after a shotgun wedding take note!


If you want to marry in a church, one of you must be a member of the Danish church. The only exception is the church at Stevns Klint (as seen in the video above). Højerup is the only church in Denmark where you can have a civil wedding, regardless of religion, sexuality or nationality.


Which documents do you need?
A valid passport or identity card is required and a marital status certificate (not older than 4 months) from the country (or countries) where the bride and groom originate. In addition, a declaration of marriage must be completed.


For non-EU citizens, additional documents must be submitted, also if one of the partners is divorced or widowed. Registry offices may set their own requirements, so it is best to get in direct contact with the relevant registry office.


If you would like a name change, you can fill in a name declaration before the wedding. All documents must be submitted to the relevant registry office before the wedding for examination. The processing time differs depending on registry office, but usually this takes two to four weeks.


A small processing fee has to be paid and some registry offices require a minimum 'stay'. This means the bride and groom must be present for two days before the wedding ceremony.