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    You want to gather the best people of this world to your wedding because you want to make this day very special for you. Everyone wishes to make this day extra special, and the presence of particular ones can make your work easy. You may feel pressured on this day because you have to make lots of arrangements. The wedding locations are critical because a perfect place proves helpful to set the mood of the wedding. You have to determine a right place by considering your budget and travel requirements. Recognizing your style and passion is essential. You have to take a decision about food, the theme of the wedding, the number of guests, and various other things. If you want to plan a destination wedding, there are a few elements that should be considered: Select a Right Time for Wedding Time is a major factor to consider, and you have to arrange your wedding in a correct date and time. If you want to find the best weather for a vacation destination, you will not get wedding venue, hotel or even a garden because it is a tourist season. There will be limited opportunities, and you have to pay high rates for hotels and food items. It is not good to select a high season for weddings because of higher rates. If you have to marry in high season, you should book venue and hotel in advance, book flights and accommodations for your guests. It will help you to save a good amount of money. You can protect yourself by selecting shoulder season (right after the peak season). It will be a great way to save money and arrange your wedding in a good season. Take a Trip After selecting a place, you should personally visit your selected wedding venues. You can visit multiple locations and book your place as per your needs. You have to visit florists, local suppliers, and photographers. You should schedule a day to taste the food of your caterer and check the samples of bouquets from florists. Planning a makeup and hair session with local salon is important. Plan Extra Expenses With proper planning, you can easily manage your extra expenses. Destination weddings can be organized at home (based on your location). Other than venue, food and makeup artist, you have to plan extra activities for your guests, traveling costs for your family, welcome gifts, decorations and other things. It will be good to prepare a list and write all necessary activities on this list. Local Marriage Requirements You should consider the legal formalities about destination weddings. Each country has its wedding needs about the destination, for instance, in Caicos and Turks, you will require 24 hours and seven days in England. It means you have to reside in this country for this particular period. France requires the bride and groom to arrive almost 40 days before their marriage. Get Assistance of Someone Professional If you want to host a destination wedding at a faraway locale, you should select a reliable wedding planner who can manage everything. A wedding planner can share this burden and shortlist wedding destinations for you. This person can search all local populations for you. It will be a good idea to share your load and spend some quality time with your family members. Some resorts offer excellent wedding packages, and they even help you to find a reliable wedding planner. You should complete your search before finalizing any decision. Local administrators can be the best way to save money because the wedding planner in your area may work in a better way, but you have to cover their transportation and accommodation expenses. Examine Vendors Carefully You can check the profiles of vendors online, but make sure to check their references. You have to hand over lots of responsibilities of your destination wedding to them. They should have the ability to manage these responsibilities in a better way. It will be good to have a video chat with your vendors and check samples of their work. Try to visit them personally or at least visit your selected destination almost one month before the wedding. Your face-to-face meeting will help you to avoid lots of communication mishaps. Forewarn All Your Friends Before inviting your friends, it will be happy to tell them that you are organizing destination wedding. In this way, you can save them from embarrassment because they will get a chance to decline gracefully in case of any financial problem. You shouldn’t be upset about their absence and try to understand them. If your finances allow you, arrange travel and accommodation expenses of your closest friends and relatives. You have to consider the climate of your selected destination to arrange food, dresses, comfortable wedding locations and lots of other things.

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    Tuscany is a charmed land, equally blessed by the genius of man and nature, and often by the combined efforts of both. Think of the vineyards: rows of baby green vines that manage somehow to march in arrow-straight formation up the gently rolling hillsides, bounded by single files of darker green cypress trees, snaking sandy roads leading to rust-colored farmhouses and moss-coated castles, symmetrically rounded hilltops surmounted by towns so homogeneous as to seem one single building.   Every inch of land has been sculpted, first by the elements and then by generations of inhabitants whose goals were always twofold: make the land produce as much as possible, make the land as beautiful as possible. These are only few of the reasons why many couples have already decided to get married in Tuscany.   Tuscany enchants us today because it holds together as a region, from the tiniest hamlet to Florence the Magnificent. For the living proof, take a short walk one day along the sides of the Belvedere in Florence: you will leave behind the traffic and suddenly find yourself strolling down quiet lanes bounded by tall stone walls, cypress trees and creamy-colored villas.   You could be anywhere in Tuscany, and we dare you not to fantasize about living here. The Italian Wedding Event will help you navigate through Tuscan world-famed attractions, but it will also introduce you to some of its lesser-known jewels and help you to choose the perfect location for your wedding in Tuscany.

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    Getting married when one of you are a foreign citizen You do not need to have a residence permit in Norway or be a Norwegian citizen in order to get married in Norway, but you must have legal stay. In this case, legal stay can for example mean that you have a residence permit, residence as an EU/EEA national, a visitor’s visa or a valid visa free stay. Before you can get married in Norway you must get a certificate which shows that you fulfil the conditions for entering into marriage (prøvingsattest), which is valid for 4 months. You must give this certificate to the person who is officiating the marriage. If you are getting married to a foreign citizen in Norway, he or she must submit documentation to the Norwegian Tax Administration. It normally takes two to three weeks to process applications if everything is in order. Allow plenty of time in case there are any errors or omissions in the application and you have to obtain further documentation from abroad. If you intend to marry a foreign citizen who has a permanent resident permit in Norway, or who has refugee status and has been granted asylum in Norway, you should follow the same procedure as when two Norwegian citizens marry. Foreign citizens who don't have a permanent residence permit in Norway or who haven't been granted asylum in Norway must present the following documentation to the Norwegian Tax Administration: Personal declaration Statement by the sponsor Declaration concerning division (in Norwegian only) – if he or she has been married before. If it's less than two years since the divorce was granted, you can apply to the county governor for exemption from division if the most recent joint address was not in Norway. You can download the application form from fylkesmannen.no. If it's more than two years since the divorce, you can use the personal declaration in Part III. In the case of people who are divorced according to foreign law, the divorce must be recognised by the County Governor. You can download the application form from fylkesmannen.no. The requirement for recognition won't apply if the divorce was carried out in another Nordic country, as long as both spouses were resident and had the citizenship of a Nordic country at the time of the divorce. Documentation of name and age, e.g. passport or birth certificate. The documentation must consist of original documents or copies certified by a Norwegian public authority. Please note that the norwegian Notarius publicus cannot not certify copies of foreign documents. The birth certificate must be legalised/endorsed with an apostille stamp. A certificate from the home country.  This certificate must confirm that he or she are free to marry in Norway. The certificate must have been issued in the last four months. Translation may be necessary unless the certificate is written in English, Danish or Swedish. The certificate must be the original and must be legalised/endorsed with an apostille. If the certificates are translated, submit both the original and the translation. Citizens from countries outside the Nordic region must submit documentation showing that they are legally resident in Norway. The documentation must consist of original documents or copies certified by a Norwegian public authority. Documentation from a country outside the Nordic region must belegalised or endorsed with an apostille by the authorities in the country in which it was issued. Send the documentation to the tax office which covers the person who is resident in Norway.

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    Requirements for Obtaining a Marriage Licence in Barbados Application for a marriage licence must be made by both (male and female) persons at the office of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Marriage Licence is valid for three (3) months only. Requirements • Nationals must submit their valid birth certificates and passports (if available). All non-nationals must present their valid passports and valid birth certificates. • In the case of a widow or widower, the original death certificate and original marriage certificate must be submitted. • If either party was divorced, an original Decree Absolute or Final Judgement or a certified copy of either documents by a Notary Public* must be presented. The Decree Nisi is not acceptable; and • A signed letter from the Marriage Officer or official note from the Magistrate that states his/her intention to perform the wedding ceremony must be presented when applying for marriage licence. Additional Requirements Persons who have been granted Barbadian citizenship either by descent or registration, immigration status or permanent residence, are required to produce the original documents issued by the Immigration Department of Barbados or passports in which the relevant information has been stamped. Non-nationals who have been granted work permits must produce the passport showing that a work permit was issued to them, or the relevant document issued by the Immigration Department, not the application form or receipt. Please note that a work permit does not confer permanent status and should be valid at the time of application. Note also that a marriage licence will not be issued for a date which is beyond the expiry date of any visitor’s stay in Barbados. N.B. All documents not in English must be accompanied by a translation that is certified by an authorized Notary Public (NOT a Justice of the Peace).  Marriage of Minors Persons under the age of sixteen (16) years cannot be legally married in Barbados. Regarding consent required for marriage of a minor between sixteen (16) and eighteen (18) years, the following stipulations should be noted: • If the parents are living together, either parent can give consent; • If the parents are divorced or living apart, the parent having legal or actual custody, or where legal custody is given to each parent for part of the year, either parent can give consent; • If both parents have been deprived of custody by order of a court, the person to whose custody the minor is committed by order of the court can give consent; • Where one parent is dead and no other guardian exists, the surviving parent can give consent; • If a guardian has been appointed by the deceased parent, the surviving parent or the appointed guardian can give consent for marriage of minor; and ? Where both parents are dead or are non compos mentis (mentally incapable of managing their affairs/ unsound mind) a lawfully appointed guardian or acknowledged guardian who has raised up the minor or who for at least three years immediately preceding the intended marriage has supported the minor can give consent for marriage of minor. • If none of the foregoing options are possible, a Judge in Barbados, on application being made to him, may exercise his discretion to dispense with consent. Persons eighteen (18) years of age and older do not require parental consent.   Licence Fees • Non-Nationals - Bds $200.00 cash and a $25.00 stamp (this does not apply to persons who have residence or citizenship in Barbados)• Nationals - Bds $45.00 cash and a $10.00 stamp (This applies if either party is a citizen or resident of Barbados). The $10.00 stamp is obtained from this Ministry.   Prior Arrangements Arrangements should be made with a Marriage Officer (a Minister of Religion or a Magistrate who is authorized to perform wedding ceremonies in Barbados) prior to applying for a Marriage Licence. As was previously mentioned under ‘Requirements’ the couple must submit correspondence from the Marriage Officer who has consented to perform the wedding ceremony. One of the ways in which persons from abroad can obtain the services of a Marriage Officer resident on this island (a Minister of Religion) is to call the number of any of the churches operating in Barbados or the Supreme Court (for a Magistrate). Please see contact information related to acquiring the services of a Magistrate, below. This Ministry is not authorized to arrange or execute weddings. However, many hotels in Barbados have their own Wedding Planners/Co-ordinators. It is therefore advisable to contact the hotel (if staying at one) to obtain the services of its Wedding Planner/Coordinator. If staying elsewhere, please contact the Barbados Tourism Authority at (246) 467-3600 or (246)427-2623, for the relevant assistance. A non-resident Minister of Religion (who must also be a registered Marriage Officer), who is requested to solemnize a marriage in Barbados, may, after satisfactorily fulfilling the necessary criteria be appointed as a temporary Marriage Officer in Barbados. Information outlining this procedure can be obtained by contacting the Ministry of Home Affairs. A marriage may be solemnized shortly after the issue of the licence.   Ministry of Home Affairs Office Hours Applications for marriage licences must be made between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Mondays to Fridays. The offices are closed on weekends and public holidays.   Marriage Certificate A copy of the marriage certificate can be obtained from the Registration Department. The Registration Department is located at the following address: The Registrar of the Supreme CourtRegistration DepartmentJudicial CentreWhite Park RoadSt. MichaelBARBADOS Telephone No.: (246) 434-9970Fax No.: (246) 426-2405E-Mail Address: registrar@lawcourt.gov.bbcorrespondenceregistration@live.com Registration Department Office Hours: Mondays to Fridays 8:30 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.

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    CHANGE OF NAMEIf a change of name has taken place in the case of any applicant, then the Deed Poll under which this was done must be produced. CEREMONY The day selected for the ceremony depends upon the parties. There is a registration fee of EC$ 100.00 or US$ 37.00 to be paid at the Registrar’s Office. If the wedding ceremony is to be performed outside of the Courthouse, please note that there is a marriage officer fee of $270EC or US$ 100.00. Ceremonies can be performed between the hours of 6:00 am and 8:00 PM. Every marriage must be solemnized or celebrated in the presence of two or more credible witnesses  ORDINARY LICENSE The wedding is performed by the Registrar, Deputy Registrar, Assistant Registrar or any of the marriage Officers Valid passport OR birth certificate and valid ID picture: e.g driver’s license or state issued ID (UK / European residents, beware, the latter refers to U.S citizens; lose your passport and you cannot marry!) Proof of Status – Single – a declaration is signed within Antigua and Barbuda or letter stating status by some person well known in the community - Divorced – Original Decree Absolute which includes the seal of the court where the Decree is issued or certified copy of Decree which includes the seal of the court where the Decree is issued – Widow / Widower – Marriage Certificate and Death Certificate of husband / wife. Application form is filled out and signed at the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs in St. John’s. All applicants must be over the age of 18 years old. If under, then written parental consent must be obtained. One of the parties must be resident in Antigua and Barbuda for a period of 15 days immediately preceding the date of the application for a license. The petition for an Ordinary License shall be accompanied by a fee of EC$ 100.00 or $37US Both parties must be present at the time of application  SPECIAL LICENSE Valid passport OR birth certificate and valid ID picture: e.g. driver’s license or state issued ID (UK / European residents, beware, the latter refers to US citizens; lose your passport and you cannot marry!) Proof of Status: Single – a declaration is signed within Antigua and Barbuda - Divorced – Original Decree Absolute which includes the seal of the court where the Decree is issued – Widow / Widower – Marriage Certificate and Death Certificate of husband / wife. Application form is filled out and signed at the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs in St. John’s. All applicants must be over the age of 18 years old. If under, then written parental consent must be obtained. There is NO waiting time in the country in order to obtain a Special License . The petition for a Special License shall be accompanied by a fee of $405EC or US$ 150.00 Both parties must be present at the time of the application.  USEFUL CONTACT NUMBERSMarriage RegistrarRegistrar's Division,Queen Elizabeth Highway,St John's.Tel: (268) 462-3744Tel from Overseas: 1 (268) 462-3929Copies of your Marriage Certificate are available at a cost of EC$25. If you are overseas and need a marriage licence - you will need to call the office directly and they will give you instructions for how to apply. You will need to provide the Groom's name, the Bride's maiden name, place of marriage (Hotel etc), and date of marriage. Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs,Queen Elizabeth HightwaySt John'sTel: (268) 562-0381/462-0017/19 Ask for the Marriage Co-ordinator - she organises submission of all relevant paperwork

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    Civil Ceremony in Denmark Certain criteria has to be met for a civil marriage in Denmark: each partner must be of age or 18 years of age and there must be a witness present.   Since 2012, same-sex couples in Denmark are legally allowed to marriage, as are bi-national and foreign couples. The process can be very fast and involve little bureauracy unbureaucratic, so those after a shotgun wedding take note!   If you want to marry in a church, one of you must be a member of the Danish church. The only exception is the church at Stevns Klint (as seen in the video above). Højerup is the only church in Denmark where you can have a civil wedding, regardless of religion, sexuality or nationality.   Which documents do you need?A valid passport or identity card is required and a marital status certificate (not older than 4 months) from the country (or countries) where the bride and groom originate. In addition, a declaration of marriage must be completed.   For non-EU citizens, additional documents must be submitted, also if one of the partners is divorced or widowed. Registry offices may set their own requirements, so it is best to get in direct contact with the relevant registry office.   If you would like a name change, you can fill in a name declaration before the wedding. All documents must be submitted to the relevant registry office before the wedding for examination. The processing time differs depending on registry office, but usually this takes two to four weeks.   A small processing fee has to be paid and some registry offices require a minimum 'stay'. This means the bride and groom must be present for two days before the wedding ceremony.

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     WEDDING VENUES IN AMALFI COAST & CAPRI Your wedding in Amalfi Coast can be the most special event you have ever dreamed of. This beautiful place let you be able to combine breathtaking sea view with charming historical ruins and its flowers. There are beautiful luxurious hotels and villas along the Amalfi Coast which can be a perfect venue for your wedding day to remember forever. Marvelluos gardens, sun-drenched terraces, frescoed ceilings makes this place a really breathtaking location. There is an outstanding luxury hotel on a cliff above the sea. The view over the bay of Naples is amazing from the rooms and grounds of this hotel. If you look further the unique view of Mount Vesuvius, Sorrento Peninsula and the island of Capri provides you an unforgettable scenery. Is there any more romantic and outstanding for a memorable wedding day?  

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    Wedding Venues With regards to efficient wedding enterprise advertising, it's both going to cost you MONEY or TIME. There's nothing better than having your wedding ceremony in historical mansions or stunning valleys. France has the Loire Valley that is simply an hour away from Paris and has all the things from fairy tale castles to historic villages and a few breath taking views. Guests can enjoy the country life and you'll organise your marriage ceremony just about anyplace you want there.Who would not love a beach marriage ceremony? It is one of the good destination marriage ceremony ideas, and you will get married as the solar sets in, and drive away to a new life. Among the fashionable beach marriage ceremony locations in Europe are the Elias Beach in Cyprus, the Sugar Beach Membership Blue Lagoon in Turkey and The Balcony Zante in Greece. The views are sure to be breathtaking and with the correct wedding destination photographers, you may make it more particular.Every couple needs to protect their marriage ceremony day as completely as attainable. Not only do you spend an enormous amount of time getting all the details proper, but there are additionally moments that will by no means be recaptured. This will range from something anticipated like the marriage vows to a candid second shared between the bride and a family member.

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    Nearly every part it's worthwhile to know before getting married abroad. Whether you are dreaming of a magical Mediterranean wedding or a tropical celebration on the pure white sands of the Caribbean, we're delighted to supply a number of the very best wedding ceremony locations, hand-picked for you. Check out our top locations then choose from a variety of quality assured motels, an important choice of flights and specifically designed wedding packages to suit your every want.White-sand beaches, Bombay Sapphire waters and an infectious party spirit imply the islands of the Caribbean were made for weddings. Every island has one thing different to deliver to the wedding desk - Aruba is home to a number of the longest, whitest beaches going, the Dominican Republic livens up evening do's with merengue music and rum cocktails, and Jamaica presents a reggae soundtrack and a laid-again perspective. Cuba does weddings with a Latino-fashion swing of the hips, combining all of the traits of a Caribbean paradise with its iconic capital metropolis, Havana. Then there's St Lucia , where the two of you possibly can stand on the altar with the mighty twin peaks of the Piton Mountains towering behind you.From lovely mountain surroundings to fashionable cities, Canada has something for everyone - however Quebec Metropolis's status as a French-talking World Heritage website really sets it apart as somewhere particular. It is also home to the fairytale Hotel de Glace , a magical setting created from ice and snow every year, full with its personal ice chapel, good in order for you a novel wedding abroad in Canada.Beachfront settings in Cyprus , luxurious personal villas in Ibiza, and pretty fresco-painted city halls in Croatia are a number of the venues we have lined up for symbolic similar-sex ceremonies and blessings. We also supply identical-sex marriage ceremonies in Mexico and even Iceland , where you'll be able to tie the knot in a choice of distinctive places. Say I do on high of a volcano, behind a 200-ft waterfall, at the otherworldly geothermal Blue Lagoon, or against the dramatic volcanic panorama of Thingvellir Nationwide Park.One of the best components of getting married overseas is having the ability to convey native flavours onto the marriage breakfast menu. Venue-clever, if you happen to're getting wed on the seashore in entrance of a hotel it'll seem apparent to move into the resort's function room or gardens to your first meal as man and spouse. Or go for a barbecue on the seaside. For those who'd quite dine at the grass roots degree, you'll be able to ask your wedding advisor to recommend some local restaurants that could accommodate you and your friends.

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    Outdoor Weddings in Tuscany Should you plan to have an outdoor wedding, the best choice for you is Tuscany in Italy. In Tuscany you can celebrate your wedding on elegant terraces or gardens with breathtaking panorama and atmosphere making your day special and unforgettable. There are beautiful castles where you can have your fabulous and romantic wedding. You can find terraces, splendid courtyards, covered verandas for dining and dancing. Near castles there are lots of hotels and farmhouses where you and your guests may have accomodation. Beside castles there can be found villas and hotels too where you can celebrate your unique day.  These villas are surrounded by wineyards and amazing views and has splendid panoramic pool, gardrens, halls.