0 Santorini

  • Greece
  • by Wedding Worldwide
  • 2016/09/26

Santorini’s typical view is the startlingly-blue dome towers capping stark-white villages high above the sea. There are mighty hills and mountains from where Aegean Sea is visible for miles. Your wedding in Santorini can be filled with opportunities for exploring, whether you want to wander through ancient monasteries carved into cliffs or shop for precious gems at colorful town markets.



Peolpe who visit Santorini will meet two basic seasons, a dry and warm season that takes from April to October and a cooler and rainy season that spreads from November to March. Santorini’s climate is pleasant because the temperatures rarely goes below 50°F or raise higher that 85°F throughout the year.

Santorini is an attractive destination because of its fascinating architecture and many things to do, dining in restaurants and sightseeing all around the island. Visitors can take part on one of the wine tours to taste delicious greek wines. It is also possible to take a Santorini helicopter flight around the most beautiful areas of the island. 

Marriage Requirements

Notice of your wedding in Greece must be published in one local newspaper eight days prior to your ceremony. Passport or other travelling document, along with birth certificate copies, single status forms, and marriage license applications are required. Divorce and death decrees are also required if applicable.