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Cocktails can add a classy touch to any wedding, so why not hold a cocktail happy hour?

They can be as simple or complex as you want, but to suit yourtheme, send your guests back to the Twenties withsome Prohibition-aged cocktails.

Why not try cocktails like a Southside, made with gin, lime, mint and syrup?

An extremely easy vintage cocktail is a Highball, made ginger ale.

There’s been a real rush of quality, nonalcoholic, ginger beers hit the market lately which you could easily swap in.It’s not just about the drink itself, though. Trycollecting jam jars and fi nish with some ribbon matching your wedding colours for people to drink from. You could even employ a mixologist to prep and serve everything for you, and get them to dress thepart to create the feel of a real speakeasy.